Day 42: Babb, MT – Pincher Creek, AB

Finally some sun! After a number of wet days some dry weather has been a nice change of pace.

The first few miles today were on our good friend US 89. We first got on 89 four miles from its southern terminus in Flagstaff and followed sections of the highway in Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and finally a little bit in Montana. Fittingly, we departed the highway six miles from its northern terminus to take a different road to the border. So long, old friend.

The terrain here on the eastern side of the Rockies is no longer the domain of dense pine forests but rather high grasslands and green aspen groves. Every bit of the experience is warmer, brighter, and more vivid than the last few days (of course the weather plays a big role in this as well!) The road skirted around the mountains of the Glacier range and the stunning steep walls of Chief Mountain peeked above the hills from time to time.

Large rolling hills eventually brought us to the US-Canada border and Canadian customs went very smoothly – unlike six years ago where we were grilled about the minutia of our trip.

We left the US from within Glacier National Park and entered Canada into Waterton Lakes National Park – effectively the north side of Glacier. More hills brought us to overlooks with magnificent views of more mountains in this range, but as we headed north the mountains soon receded and turned to high prairie.

A few more hours of windy riding brought us to the town of Pincher Creek where we found a place to stay.

Notes from Donald: “New country day! Also new province! And we went through my first Canadian National Park!”

Today’s mileage: 62 miles

Total: 2188 miles


  1. Yayayayay! Congratulations on making your way into the last (and final) country on your cross-NAFTA bike trip!

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