Days 70-75: San Diego, CA – Los Angeles, CA

Our group of five headed to a commercial campground in San Diego for a rest day. The ride was only a few miles thankfully and so we had the whole day to relax, spend some time in the hot tub and pool before building a campfire at night. Jon and Liz has never eaten s’mores before so they were definitely in order.

Tuesday morning we headed north. Matt left earlier than the rest of us since he was planning on doing a longer day. Andrew was staying in San Diego for a few more days so after our goodbyes it was down to Jon, Liz, and I.

The ride up the coast was nice, with lots of towns lining the coast providing plenty of places to stop. Unfortunately the rain started before long and we pulled over at a coffee shop for shelter. We tried to wait out the rain but it was only getting worse, so we kept on going. Jon got two flats in the rain which always makes things interesting and we met up with Matt in the town of Carlsbad.

The next day was supposed to be rainy so we all stayed another night in Carlsbad. Went out to a bar for our last night together.

Back on the road Thursday and the weather remained crappy. We rode together for a couple hours but Jon and Liz stopped in Dana Point for the night. We said our goodbyes and Matt and I continued north. After a couple more hours we stopped at Huntington beach and parted ways. I took off inland towards Anaheim and met up with Chris from the internets.

After looking over the schedule for the convention I decided I was not too interested in going so I slept in on Friday and just walked around Anaheim. I tried to go to a brewery because I normally find them to be good places to both eat and drink, but being such a big city, it was a gargantuan place with a big line at the door. So I just went back to the hotel and watched a movie.

Not being interested in wasting another day in Anaheim I took off early Saturday morning and headed back to the bike route. I was also thinking of trying to hit the 4000 mile mark. It was another rainy morning, but the sky cleared up as the day went on.

By the time I reached Manhattan Beach near LAX, the weather was great so I spent a little bit of time on the beach before taking my bike to a shop to have it shipped back home. I was only 13 miles from 4000 but didn’t really feel like riding around pointlessly for an hour.

I met up with Kiet from the internets and we hung out and went bowling before meeting up with Jon and Liz again to split a motel room since they happened to be in the same area.

Flew home Sunday.

Mileage: 176 miles.
Final Total: 3987 miles.

I think I can safely round that to four thousand.


  1. some more neat photos here — look forward to the full journal you put together after you get back home.

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